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Regensburg,Germany: The Stone Bridge

During our walking tour, our guide Sebastian didn’t detour our group here, but suggested we visit on our own. For one thing, parts of the bridge is covered in scaffolding and being renovated. He told us to walk to the middle for a great photo opportunity. So after the […]

Viking Var Day 3: Regensburg

The second stop of this cruise is Regensburg, a medieval city with Roman walls dating back to 179 A.D. Our basic tour was a 2- hour walking tour from the old city walls to the city center at the Cathedral. The optional tour was the Weltenburg Abbey and a […]

Viking Var day 2: Nurenburg, Germany

The first port on this Viking Danube River cruise is Nurenburg, or Nürnberg for the German spellers. Included with our cruise is the City tour, which is mainly a bus tour highlighting the once occupied Nazi buildings, and the justice buildings where the Nazi war criminals were tried. The […]

1st night dinner on Viking Var

If you’ve ever been on an ocean cruise, you know that service is important. The downside on a cruise is there’s about 4000+ passengers to take care of.  On Viking, they’ve taken it up a notch. As a passenger, I felt like a VIP. It’s a smaller ship, […]

Free wifi doesn’t mean fast wifi :(

It’s about 9:00 pm and the Viking Var is still docked at Erlangen, Germany. The cruise director, Tajana (or Tanya to those in the know) said the ship will head out to Nürnberg around 2:00 am.  We’re using satellite wifi so it’s slow, and somewhat unpredictable. We will […]

Whittier, Alaska to Anchorage, Alaska

Our cruise is over!  We docked in Whittier, Alaska and made arrangements for a bus to take us to Anchorage.  On the way to our final destination, we stopped at an animal conservation center, and lunch at Alyeska Resort. Last view of Alaska from the ship Add caption […]

College Fjord, Alaska

Another day at sea, as the ship slowly cruised through the College Fjord.  While Stephen and Sierra were wandering the ship, taking photos of the glaciers, I spent my time enjoying the view from the balcony of our cabin.  It is our last day for the cruise, as […]

Skagway, Alaska

Our next stop was Skagway!  We needed to take our passport, as part of our tour was going into Canada.  Our tour started on a bus through Skagway, with a stop at a “pan for gold” activity.  Later, we would end up in the Yukon, where we would […]

Juneau, Alaska

Our next stop for Day 3 was Juneau, Alaska.  We booked an excursion, which included a whale watching, a salmon lunch, and then a trip to the Mendenhall Glacier.  We and had a really good time. The weather was perfect, the scenery was fantastic, and we did see […]